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“Desk of Brian”, DOB, was founded by bringing together “Insights” writer Bob and Brandon Jones (“State of the Nation”) with the coordination of news hound Brian.

Brian describes the origins of DOB as “a couple of guys exchanging emails about news stories that never seemed to make it to the headlines. As we started to gather these stories we realized that we needed a place to share them with the rest of the world.”

So the website was started, which despite some major limitations,  provided us a method of sharing the stories that we felt were relevant. We shortly thereafter upgraded to better and better platforms to deliver relevant news in multiple categories. Now we’ve added the ability to share the news via social media platforms giving you, the reader, the ability to control the places you would like to share news content.

So we fast forward a bit and you will find 5 major themes of news/posts & opinion.

  • Politics/news – especially supporting liberty, freedom and move towards restoration of a Constitution
  • Movies/Pop Culture – trailers, set photos, breaking news & reviews
  • Religion – news reports on persecution/opinion
  • Weird News – It will be PG-13, but it will be strange…we assure you
  • Quotes – Speeches, sound bites and clips…old, new and historical

Now with amazing writers contributing, the DOB universe just keeps growing.

Click here for the RSS link to follow DOB through various news readers. Check out some of our podcasts on the 1787 Network, 1350am in Tampa, Friday mornings at 10am.

Brandon Jones — State of the Nation, Splash Page

Blogging before it was called blogging on a pop culture website called ‘Crazed Fanboy’, I tapped in my desire to reach out to the wide audience on the Internet. Starting in 2003 I wrote about movies, comic books and pop culture during some stretches for their site.

September 11th changed my perspective, not only my life, but the future of my children. So, I began to understand history, terrorism and most importantly, how the government has behaved the last 100-150 years. Over the last several years I began to feel that the difference between parties is “degrees” and we are reeling from the Constitutional abuses yielding Big Government-D (Democrat) vs. Big Government-R (Republican).

I believe our country needs what the founders intended: less Federal government intrusion run by our best and brightest — not career politicians. As I said two years ago, I’m growing more libertarian each and every day.

Spending time with my family, reading and writing consume most of my time. I’m a devout Christian blessed with an amazing wife and five wonderful children.

I’m proud to be a part of this team in our efforts to provide more diverse news stories than those “paid” journalists and our perspective on the “Rat Race” of politics and social issues. I’ve branched out to write the National Comic Book Examiner, Tampa Bay Comic Book Examiner and American History Examiner. I enjoy covering local events in both Pop Culture (Tampa Comic Con, MegaCon, Christian events like NewWorldSon) and Politics (Florida Liberty Summit and Save America Foundation)

I’m working on two other pop culture websites as well (and third in development) with some wonderful folks. Check them out as well: SpielbergFanClub.com, ILoveMuppets.com & The Wisecracker.com.

Email: stateofthenation@deskofbrian.com or Bjones134@tampabay.rr.com

Brian — Discourse

Just a guy, at his desk, looking for news.

Email Brian: brian@deskofbrian.com

Insights by Bob – A creator and great writer from the beginning. Even he’s no longer with the site, he’ll always be remembered.

Brandon discussing blogging and the origins of DOB and news with Malcolm Out Loud

We pleased to join Alex Snitker and Adrian Wyle every Friday morning on 1350 AM Tampa to discuss the news cycle, the media and Desk of Brian. Please check out their show and website as well as listen to the podcast.

This is the first couple of podcasts:

Liberty-Underground 2011-08-26 (starts about 2 – 21/2 minutes after  the start)

Liberty-Underground 2011-09-02

Check out our Facebook page here

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  1. Jacob says:

    “I believe our country needs what the founders intended.”
    Hopefully, you are aware that the “founders” of this country did not agree on most anything.

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