Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2012

Sean Carl Payne, drunk Texas man, has to be held up for mugshot photo


A Texas man was allegedly too drunk for his mugshot.

Sean Carl Payne held up for mugshot

Sean Carl Payne, age 35, of Humble, Texas was accused of public intoxication outside Shamrock’s Bar last Thursday, according to KMOV.

Police said Payne had drank so much that an officer had to hold his head up for his mugshot, the officer’s arm is visible in the photo.

According to the pub’s Facebook page, the band Nervous Rex played that night, and wells were going for $2.25 a pop, while “Bombs” of the Jager, Tuaca, and Baren variety were a mere $3.75. It was also “Big A** Beer” night all night long.