Alabama fights back on Agenda 21


In Baldwin County, Alabama, the citizens there succeeded in getting their County Commissioners to vote down the “Horizon 2025 comprehensive plan” because it is a “UN-inspired document designed to remove property rights”. Alabama is the first state to outlaw funding of UN Agenda 21 policies.

Jane Nicholes of the Press-Register writes:

BAY MINETTE, Alabama — Egged on by a large crowd invoking property rights, United Nations Agenda 21, the U.S. Constitution and even the Communist Manifesto, the Baldwin County Commission killed the Horizon 2025 comprehensive plan today.

Following the 3-1 vote, many in the audience sang “God Bless America.”

“This battle is about more than just planning,” said commission Chairman Bob James. “This battle is to protect the Constitution of the United States and, to me, the Ten Commandments.”

The resolution “repealed, rescinded, voided and nullified,” the plan, with that phrase boldfaced and in all capital letters. It also remanded the plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission with “instructions to prepare a revised Master Plan and corresponding Map” for county commission to consider. The new plan “shall not unlawfully infringe on protected private property rights without due process of law.”

Horizon 2025, which laid out guidelines for land use and development, was approved three years ago. Commissioner Charles “Skip” Gruber, who voted for it in 2009, was the only commissioner who voted against the resolution Tuesday.

With a couple of breaks, the freewheeling public hearing on Horizon 2025 lasted about four hours. The commission’s meeting room was filled to capacity early on, and outbreaks of applause were common both during and after speakers’ comments. Some people carried small America flags.

Thirty-eight people spoke on the issue. Of that number, 31 wanted Horizon 2025 killed, while seve