Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2012

Tea Party leaders have a seat at the table, the kids table


Authored by Alex Snitker, former Libertarian candidate for Florida Senate, now co-host of radio’s Liberty Underground Show

Our once great land of freedom has become a wasteland of political favors and greed. The government is not owned by the people anymore.  The people are owned by the government. Every American can feel this shift in the principles of our country.  It has created unrest in the masses, and a call to action in others. There are movements, parties, groups, committees and PACs all searching for answers.  But are they searching for solutions?  That should be the question on all of our minds. It is rare to have an epiphany.  But, sometimes, the words from an unexpected source can enable us to fully define why there is a divide in the actions taken by many, and why we are not on the same side of this divide…and may never be.

The”Family Guy” take on Tea Party

One of the biggest problems in this movement is a lack of clear definition. A definition would enable people to fully understand what each side is trying to do.  Many times, the sides are reduced to name calling.  It is only with this clear definition of purpose that we can simply move forward, and allow individuals to choose a side; one that resembles what each of us is willing to do to solve the ever mounting problems we face. In reality this should have been defined from the beginning.

There are two approaches to taking on the systematic breakdown of our founding principles.

One is to go about it the way some leaders in the tea party are doing right now. They have great “calls to action” in which they protest at a politician’s office or event. They make calls, organize, and grow their collective numbers — still dealing only with the politicians that the establishment gives us.  They hold meetings and talk about the problems, and gather numbers who are equally disaffected by the politicians who have destroyed our way of life.

With this approach, you go to a politician’s office and attempt to address your grievances. If you have enough people behind you (or the politician thinks you do) they will even meet with you, giving you a moment of their time.  You leave believing that they heard what you were saying.  In your meetings, they will listen and talk to you about “political reality,” or how the bill they just voted on does not do what you think it does, or how you must compromise to get things done.

You will even hold rallies and invite the politicians that the establishment has given you. Politicians like Marco Rubio, Allen West, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and others will come to your rally.  They tell you what a great job you are doing, and talk about the issues that are important to you. They will talk about the Founders and about out of control spending.  The will tell you that, if you elect them, they will be your voice in Tallahassee, or in Washington, or wherever else you are sending them.

Any Tea Party group would tell you they are changing the conversation in Washington and in Tallahassee.  Indeed, they are.  But, what about changing the government?  Are they making the changes needed to restore our republic?  The talking points have certainly moved to the right, but has that circled into changes in real legislation?

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From Michelle Bachmann, most recently, to Ron Paul, the proverbial founder, the Tea Party candidates are no where to be found

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