Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Michael Jackson looking bird poop removed from auction site


From STRANGE NEWS: The owner of the enigmatic bird droppings dubbed the “King of Plop” has pulled the plug on the online auction Monday, in which one lucky bidder had the opportunity to walk away with a unique tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

photo/Brandon Tutor

Brandon Tutor, 29, was driving his 1996 Cadillac Deville along U.S. Highway 30 near Big Rock last Wednesday when a bird decided to leave a surprise on his windshield. The interesting part is the uncanny resemblance to deceased pop icon Michael Jackson.

“Everyone that’s seen it says it really looks like Michael Jackson,” said Tutor in an exclusive interview with Brian Gillie from

Tutor was so impressed by the bird excrement he decided to start an online auction on eBay, offering an opportunity for unique collectors to take home the windshield adorned with the image many feel resembles MJ.

After just a couple of days, Tutor was forced to pull the auction after rain damaged the “King of Plop”. The piece of work was protected by tape, but it could not withstand the weather long enough to stay intact and make it to auction.

The question is: Who would buy a windshield with bird poop on it?

According to Tutor, no one actually made an official offer for the unusual item, however 33 people had it on their watch list, showing that even as odd as the item was people were still interested.

Tutor also told that he had several people locally show an interest, possibly waiting for that last minute deal for something no one else has.

As far as negative feedback, Tutor feels that most people are enjoying what he feels is humorous.

“The only people who had anything bad to say most likely misread the quotes, or didn’t read the story,” said Tutor.

Even though it seems to be disrespectful towards the late pop legend, Tutor want to assure people that “King of Plop” is merely a play on words and is not meant to be offensive towards Michael Jackson.

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