Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2012

James Bond news as ‘Skyfall’ poster and trailer land


The new poster is very much in keeping with the gritty, back to basics Bond portrayed by Craig since Casino Royale, dispensing with the frills to ensure that 007 remains the star of the show.

No cackling villains on hand here then, nor Javier Bardem’s shocking blonde mop. Just a Double-O agent packing a pistol and preparing for business.

That said, Bond’s lighter side will come to the surface in the film itself, with Craig promising that the script will be peppered with a few of 007’s trademark one-liners. “You have to have a script that has the bones of comedy,” said Craig. “Comedy in Bond films, for me, comes out of the situations people get into.”

“They’re exciting, and hopefully heart-stopping,” he continues, “and the comedy comes out of one-liners and things. There’s a lightness of touch in the writing that’s not been as evident in the past two.”

Sam Mendes admits he was initially sceptical about casting Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The director revealed he was ‘one of the people’ who didn’t think the actor was the right man to play the British spy in 2006 movie ‘Casino Royale’, but he was ‘completely wrong’ as Daniel has gone on to star as the secret agent in 2008 film ‘Quantum of Solace’ and will reprise his role as the character in this year’s ‘Skyfall’.

He said: ‘I was one of the people who said I didn’t think he was the right casting.

‘At the time I was asked in an interview and I said I’m not sure, I would have advised him not to do it. I was completely wrong.’

But Sam admits it was ‘great’ to see Daniel pull off the role after experiencing such ‘intense pressure’ during the casting process for the part.

He added: ‘I bumped into him after ‘Casino Royale’ and I was so excited. To watch him go through that intense pressure of being cast as Bond with flying colours … it was great to see him come through that and prove the doubters wrong.’

Despite Sam’s initial concerns about Daniel’s ability to portray James Bond, the 44-year-old star doesn’t hold any grudges against the helmer and he praised his cool approach while filming ‘Skyfall’.

He explained: ‘I’ve got an awful lot to worry about on a movie like this and what working with Sam has allowed me to do is just concentrate on the job.’

‘Skyfall’ is due for release on October 26, 2012.

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