Breaking up is hard to do by Judy Aron


With the Greeks defaulting (again) and the EU economy in a shambles, it is no surprise that some representatives of EU countries are forcefully saying, enough is enough:


The countries that have been fiscally irresponsible can no longer be propped up by the more industrious and hard working nations and their taxpayers… and it would seem that the Socialistic nature of “spreading the wealth” is beginning to wear very, very thin.

There’s just too much government borrowing and spending going on.

The “Takers and Looters” of European countries that are in the crapper (because of the Takers and Looters who have helped to bankrupt said countries) are objecting viciously to “austerity”. They do not want to understand that their wants and dependencies cannot be sustained. And as the Socialists are elected to rule government, as in France, the rich successful folk are beginning to flee. This is no surprise.

What is pretty funny is that France’s Francois Hollande, the Socialist that hates the rich, is himself quite wealthy (he owns 3 homes on the Riviera) – Again, the hypocrisy from the Left is stunning.
But I digress.

The issue here is the eminent break-up of the EU.
The signs are there, the handwriting is on the wall.
Moody’s downgraded 26 Italian banks. 
Merkel has ultimatum for Greece.

This relationship cannot be mended. The Looters will have no part of “austerity”, and so the riots will begin.

And as the song goes: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do….

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- Judy Aron lives with her husband Michael in CT. They have three grown children who were homeschooled and are now successfully pursuing careers. Judy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Magna Cum Laude, with minors in Business Administration and Computer Science from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Judy has been involved in politics for over 15 years. She has been involved with the West Hartford Republican Town Committee and the West Hartford Taxpayer’s Association. She belongs to the West Hartford Toastmasters Club and she volunteers for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Judy has written many articles on various aspects of education at home and in public and private schools. She has been published in magazines and online, and has been widely interviewed by the media. She served as Vice President of Connecticut Homeschool Network (CHN) and was their legislative liaison. She now serves as Research Director for National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD) providing parents across the nation with important information on legislative issues concerning parental rights and education. Judy has a cable TV show on West Hartford Cable TV entitled: “What You Should Know” and she is the author of the blog “Consent of the Governed“. Most recently, Judy has been involved in various organizations and efforts to Restore the Republic, End/Audit the Federal Reserve, and to educate the public about the issues regarding their Liberty and Freedom, and is working to put a halt to the erosion of our rights. Judy is a fan of Ayn Rand, Seinfeld, Star Trek, Peter Schiff, Judge Andrew Napolitano, The Founders, JPFO, Appleseed, Von Mises, John Taylor Gatto, Wallace and Gromit, Dick Heller and Ruger (not in that order).

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