‘Kick Ass’ star Chloe Moretz talks makeup, being young and getting starstruck


While still not old enough to drive, Chloe Moretz has built an impressive resume which includes Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”, the vigilante Hit Girl in Matthew Vaughn’s comic book film “Kick Ass” and now, this summer, she’s in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” adaptation.

In Allure’s upcoming magazine, the young star talks about makeup, pajamas, being a Hollywood child star and not feeling like an adult yet.

“I don’t know. I think I’m definitely not an adult. I just turned 15 on February 10. If you are mature then you are mature; there isn’t always a need for labels.”

The fifteen-year-old actress admits she gets starstruck.

“Yeah, definitely! I mean working with people like Martin Scorsese and Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Pfeiffer, that was a major point. Batman Returns!”

Moretz played a vampire in “Let Me In,” so bizarre makeup and costuming for a film like “Dark Shadows” doesn’t phase the actress.

“I have been doing this stuff [acting] since I was five or six, and so I must have been little. They have always put powder on your face to even out your skin tone. So, it’s always been a little bit of powder. Then they just do your hair. I guess the first time I got to wear crazy makeup or the more adult kind of eyeliner stuff, would be in 30 Rock. And editorials. Not too much in movies because I always play characters that don’t care too much about their appearance.”

Allure didn’t inquire about Moretz returning for “Kick Ass 2”, whch creator Mark Millar says will film this summer.

Check out the entire interview in Allure’s May issue, due on newstands April 24th.

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