Joss Whedon talks Avengers Hulk, Mark Ruffalo and new Avengers


The current SFX magazine lands on newstands tomorrow (issue #220) and the issue focuses on the “Star Trek” sequel, “Hunger Games” and an interview with Joss Whedon, director of “The Avengers” who talks about bringing the Hulk to life.

Is the third time a charm? What can Whedon do to get this Hulk right?

“So much. A Bruce Banner who’s not obsessed with his own problems. A Hulk who not only feels flesh and blood, but is clearly an extension of Banner himself and not just a CGI thing that roars. A Hulk who feels dangerous, who might actually hurt someone we care about, who belongs in a classic horror film. And much more. He’s the hardest character by far, and ended up being the most fun.”

Whedon was asked about actor Mark Ruffalo and what he brings to the role.

“Mark is such a delightful mensch it’s stupid. His Banner is a bunch of contradictions: graceful and awkward, meek and confident, erudite and working class, funny and sad. And contradictions are what the Banner/Hulk dynamic are all about. Also, Mark kinda looks like the Hulk. So we got to build our Hulk from him.”

Are there other Avengers Whedon would like to bring to film?

“A boatload. Pretty much everyone but Wonder Man. I never did figure ou