Delusional GOP budget proposal by Paul Ryan is $3.5 trillion


House Republicans on Tuesday made it official: They’re proposing a $3.53 trillion budget for 2013 that would kill $55 billion in spending cuts aimed at defense and make up for them with savings elsewhere in the budget.  — CNN

When have we a tax revenue anywhere close to $2.5 trillion, let alone $3.5 trillion?

More from CNN: Overall, the plan from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan would bring in $2.73 trillion in tax revenue in 2013, compared to $3.53 in outlays, leaving next year’s deficit at just under $800 billion. After that point, annual deficits would fall significantly, reaching as low as $166 billion by 2018 but then begin to climb again.

The grand solution from the financial guru Paul Ryan is $300 billion less than Obama’s budget!?!?!

It’s not even a full 10% reduction!

The Ryan-Widen proposal would offer future seniors a choice of staying in the traditional fee-for-service Medicare plan or opting for a Medicare-approved private plan, all of which would be available via a new Medicare exchange.

Great…where are the savings?

We saw $500 million changes hands in Obamacare with Medicare spending, so where are all of the cuts?

Paul Ryan’s budget would spend $5.3 trillion less over the next decade than President Obama’s budget. Part of this is health care: Ryan would trim Medicare and Medicaid for a portion of his savings. – reports the Washington Post.

Thanks $500 billion per year – still resulting in a budget of over $3 trillion per year!!!

The liberals are already crying and defending the cuts to entitlements, especially Medicare and Medicaid (under the Ryan plan) and attacking the lack of cuts in defense.

The real story: Politics as usual.

Democrat programs vs. Republican programs and America is left with a bill much greater than money we have or will have.

Real cuts need to be deep, painful and likely NOT friendly to a political re-election and the Paul Ryan Plan is anything but this.

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