Delusional GOP budget proposal by Paul Ryan is $3.5 trillion


House Republicans on Tuesday made it official: They’re proposing a $3.53 trillion budget for 2013 that would kill $55 billion in spending cuts aimed at defense and make up for them with savings elsewhere in the budget.  — CNN

When have we a tax revenue anywhere close to $2.5 trillion, let alone $3.5 trillion?

More from CNN: Overall, the plan from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan would bring in $2.73 trillion in tax revenue in 2013, compared to $3.53 in outlays, leaving next year’s deficit at just under $800 billion. After that point, annual deficits would fall significantly, reaching as low as $166 billion by 2018 but then begin to climb again.

The grand solution from the financial guru Paul Ryan is $300 billion less than Obama’s budget!?!?!

It’s not even a full 10% reduction!

The Ryan-Widen proposal would offer future seniors a choice of staying in the traditional fee-for-service Medicare plan or opting for a Medicare-app