Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2012

9-year-old skips school, tasered twice for not listening to police


An Ohio police officer says he used a stun gun twice on a 9-year-old who skipped school because the child refused to cooperate with his commands. -MSNBC headline

Photo/Advanced M26 TASER Stun Pistol - The United States military version of commercial TASERs for non-lethal detainment.

The Columbus Dispatch reports: The Mount Sterling officer went to the boy’s home on a truancy complaint last week. He says the child’s mother warned the boy, who weighs between 200 and 250 pounds, to obey the officer or he’d be shocked.

200-250 pound 9-year-old????

Jared, the boy, was served with truancy papers and the “5-foot-5 and 5-foot-8 inches tall and between 200 and 250 pounds” young man — refused to cooperate. He begged his mother to let him go to school rather than with the officer, but Michelle Perry (Mom) told her son it was too late.

The officer pulled Jared from the couch, but he “dropped to the floor and became dead weight … flailing around,” and the boy lay on his hands to prevent being handcuffed.

O’Neil demonstrated the electrical current from the Taser into the air “as a show of force.” Then, he wrote, Perry told her son to do as Officer O’Neil said or he would be shocked.

The report indicates that after being shocked once, Jared still didn’t cooperate and was shocked a second time. An ambulance was called, but Jared had no sign of injury.

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