Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2012

Jaime Gonzalez, Brownsville eighth grader, shot and killed by police – had pelletgun


A student brings a gun and a knife to school and bad things happen.

The 15 year-old kid behaved like he had a death wish, even pointing the gun at the police, which turned out to be a pellet gun.

A photo of the carbon dioxide powered pellet handgun Jaime Gonzalez was holding at the time he was shot by Brownsville police officers at Cummings Middle School on Wednesday morning. Yvette Vela / The Brownsville Herald

Jaime Gonzalez photo via Facebook

Below is the official press release:

Earlier today, Brownsville Police responded to a call of a
suspect with a gun at Cummings Middle School. Officers
arrived and encountered a male subject in the main hallway
next to the administration offices brandishing a handgun. The
officers gave numerous commands for the suspect to drop the
weapon. All commands were ignored by suspect and he
pointed the weapon at the officers. Both officers fired their
weapons, hitting the suspect two times.
The student was identified as Jaime Gonzalez, 15 years of age,
and was an 8th grade student at Cummings Middle School. He
was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center where he was
pronounced dead at 9:15 am. The weapon used by the suspect
is a CO2 .177 caliber pellet pistol and is similar to a Glock type
semi-automatic handgun. The preliminary investigation
indicates that the suspect assaulted a student prior to the
officers’ arrival and made statements to witnesses that he was
going to engage the officers with the weapon.

Check out a slideshow of photos over at the Brownsville Herald:

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  1. Danny says:

    Everyone loses on this one

  2. austin says:

    Crazy shit… Kid was stupid though, there’s a reason you don’t point a toy gun at cops and this is it right here:

  3. Thank you for your response.

    My complaint with the veracity of the coverage from these arguments potentially formed by readers:

    -Because X happened, X happens often.
    -Because student shot is covered, students are shot often.
    -Because student had Y characteristics, people with Y are shot.
    -Also because the police shot person with Y characteristics, authority figures shoot Y.

    I understand an author cannot control the mind of the reader. All an author can do is aid the audience in taking on the correct argument. The author’s argument.

  4. Brandon says:

    because gun rights and gun control issues come up regularly on DOB these stories are covered

  5. Covering this particular death is special pleading. Because he was a 15-year-old shot at school by the police the event should be published? As an obituary but not full coverage.

    Death is not news–except maybe for the families.

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