Published On: Sat, Jul 9th, 2011

Fake babies take the place of the real thing


A new fad in faux parenting is costing people an artificial arm and a leg.

A company out of the UK, Reborn Baby, has created several life like dolls that are made to  look and feel like a real baby, giving the “parents” the impression that they are holding a real baby.

According to the Reborn Baby website, “Our babies arrive to customers weighted and stuffed to feel very cuddly and similar to that of a baby.”

The dolls come with colored mohair and eyelashes and to make them appear even more realistic, sometimes veins are painted onto their little plastic bodies.

So what is all the hype over these very expensive toys?

For Carol Laing it is a way to become a mother again.

‘I find the dolls very comforting,” said Laing in an interview with the Daily Mail. “They bring back all the wonderful memories I have of my children when they were babies.”

To emphasize how serious she is about the dolls, Carol has named the two dolls with the same names as her 20-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son, Rachelle and Adam. She handpicked the dolls and paid £600 each for them, because they resembled her children when they were infants.

Reborn dolls start at several hundred dollars and according to some reports, can cost up to $12,000. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, race and other attributes (i.e. drool, lips) that simulate a real child.

There are even online contests where Reborn Baby creators can showcase their “babies” and win cash and prizes.

As far as Carol goes, she claims the babies are filling a void that will hopefully be filled once she has grandchildren.

“They bring me happiness and aren’t doing any harm so what’s the problem?” asked Carol.

Besides freaking out your children, there are other complications.

According to Fox News medical team psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow:

“Like street drugs, they reduce anxiety by substituting an illusion. But, like every anesthetic, they only delay the inevitable reckoning with anxieties everyone must face. A woman who uses a fake baby to treat questions she has about her value as a human being after her childbearing years is actually dodging those questions. And, like every artificial way of avoiding discomfort, nurturing a fake baby will only increase that discomfort, in the longer run.”

Anyone interested in purchasing a “Reborn Baby” can find over 4,000 of them on Ebay, ranging in price from hundreds of dollars to nearly $3,000.

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  1. Laurie V. says:

    I don’t know who the FOX News psychologist might be (I am NOT a FOX News watcher) but Dr. Phil did a show investigating the phenomenon of reborn baby dolls and concluded that in most cases the women who buy them are psychologically within normal limits, being usually doll lovers or empty nesters. In cases where they are used to fill the void of an empty nest, most of the women came to terms with their empty nest in two years or less and did not suffer the “increased discomfort” alleged by this individual.
    The dolls are also less expensive than your article states; they start at around $200 and only once in awhile go above $600.
    Here is a site where reborn baby dolls are arranged by price:

  2. Barbara says:

    Very weird. Makes me scratch my head and say…HMMM…

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