Gil Gerard: ‘Buck Rogers’ reboot is dead


In the age of remakes and reboots, a Buck Rogers project would seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, after speaking with Erin Gray and Gil Gerard, I cannot offer fans any hope.

“Buck Rogers Begins” was set to be an origin story as laid out in the comics, explaining how Lucas ‘Buck’ Rogers was propelled from World War I, into a future Earth in the 25th Century. Gerard and Gray were set to play Buck’s parents and Bobby Rice will be Buck.

“My daughter was set to be Buck’s girlfriend”, Erin Gray referencing her daughter Samantha portraying Madison Gale.

“The story begins in the early 1900s, pre-World War I and then continues to the modern time to remake the series”, Gray continued.

Gray cited “lack of funding” and “production savvy” as reasons the project fell apart. Gil Gerard wasn’t as kind:

“It’s done. Done. It’s the victim of incompetence.”

His harsh words continued stating that “The trailer is all to show of it. I don’t hold any hope for it.”

This is a long way from Gerard’s original comments when the project began: “This is the story I wish we had been able to tell.”

Buck Rogers appears to be stuck on the sideline as Hollywood cranks out superhero and sci-fi adaptations for newer audiences.

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  1. Tony says:

    Another James Crawley flop ! For months be was building this project up knowing the money wasn’t in place to produce this .. It’s all hype with nothing behind it! This guy (James) has issues with letting people down, continuing with big ideas and nothing behind them ! Gil just told it like it was, like it or not – he saw the bullshit here and called it out !

  2. BuckFan says:

    SomeoneWhoWasThere: It’d be pretty ballsy for Retro Films to scold anyone for “using copyrighted images without even so much as copyright attribution”, given how they use other people’s IP *and* music without the rights to do so.

  3. No need to post that last comment. Better to take the high road…

  4. SomeoneWhoWasThere says:

    Ah Gil, if I were you, I would be *VERY CAREFUL* what nonsense you sling around. You see, I was there… and it is a can of worms that *YOU* do not want to open. Heck, if I were you, I’d probably post a retraction of your mean spirited comments, before some crew member posts some BTS videos showing where the incompetence truly lies.

    And Brandon Jones: Thanks oh so much for using our copyrighted images without even so much as copyright attribution. Wise move. Heck, didn’t even think to contact the team for their side of the story, either, did you?

  5. […] a budget, but only got pledges for one tenth of their goal. Frankly, the pitch there is terrible. Both Gerard and Gray say it's dead, but they're not part of the production per se other than than their parts in the sample scene, so […]

  6. Christopher Dalton says:

    Judging by Mr. Gerard’s description, I’d say that description is very accurate.
    Having heard about James Cawley’s reputation(which is no secret to many)I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

  7. Name Howard Brown says:

    Cawley’s Buck Rogers Is far far from Dead!

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