How many Lives Would Have Been Saved if Booth Met Lincoln Years earlier?


Washington, DC—So many Americans were brainwashed by revisionist history that they made what still may be the worst president in our history a hero.

Abraham Lincoln was the great divider and a ruthless despot. He shut down newspapers, ordered arrests without trials for thousands along with other outrageous acts. He simply and unlawfully suspended our Constitution.

It was Abraham Lincoln who presided over the earliest genocide of American Indians.
Yes, it was that known racist, Lincoln who ordered the largest mass execution in American History of 38 Suix Indians.

It was the technology of the cotton gin not Lincoln, that freed the slaves. Lincoln was a dictator that wanted to rule the states and the American people with an iron fist.

The sad truth is that John Wilks Booth did not shoot this bastard when he first got to the Whitehouse. Both’s good deed was too little and years too late.

Abraham Lincoln was just another war criminal who cheated the gallows.

America cannot afford another Abraham Lincoln. If there is a Hell Lincoln is there with Hitler and Stalin.

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Paul Huebl is Licensed Private Detective-Former Chicago policeman-Investigative vlogcaster

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  1. What kind of moral coward refuses to air critical responses to his own abusive, historically baseless and irresponsible commentaries? An ultimately irrelevant one…

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