Where in the world is Yaser Abdel Said?


It has been over three years since the honor killings of Amina and Sarah Said. Their father, Yaser Abdel Said, allegedly killed them. He is on the run and wanted by the FBI for murder. This man murdered two teenage daughters in a disgraceful “honor killing.” Amina and Sarah had their lives cut short and will not be able to achieve their dreams.

From January 5, 2008, the girls’ brother was begging for Said to turn himself in: “I just hope he turns himself in because, you know, he messed up the whole family,” Islam Said, age 19 at the time, told the local news stations after his sisters were found dead Tuesday night.

Islam Said said his father, Yaser Abdel Said, 50, of Lewisville, Texas, was having a very hard time when his daughters, Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18, started dating. Connie Moggio, the girls’ aunt, said there had been turbulence in the Said household for a while. She said her sister married Yaser Abdel Said at the age of 15 and was pregnant shortly after, adding she had tried to leave her husband many times over the years, most recently, on Christmas Eve.

“A few days before she called me at my job and told me she was leaving because he had threatened the girls because they were dating,” Moggio told MyFOXDFW.com.

This was three years ago.

So where is Yaser Said?

A year after the murders, the FBI finally acknowledged the murders as honor killings which outraged Muslims.

“As far as we’re concerned, until the motive is proven in a court of law, this is [just] a homicide,” Mustafaa Carroll, the executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations in Dallas, told FOXNews.com. He said he worries that terms like “honor killing” may stigmatize the Islamic community. “We (Muslims) don’t have the market on jealous husbands … or domestic violence,” Carroll said.

The United Nations estimates that 5,000 women are killed worldwide every year in honor killings — mostly in the Middle East, where many countries still have laws that protect men who murder female relatives they believe have engaged in inappropriate activity. A U.N. report includes chilling examples of such cases.

“On the order of clerics, an 18-year-old woman was flogged to death in Batsail, Bangladesh, for “immoral behaviour,” the report reads. “In Egypt, a father paraded his daughter’s severed head through the streets shouting, ‘I avenged my honor.’”

Carroll’s response: “People have their own cultural nuances and norms from before they got their religion,” he said. “This is not Islamic culture.”

Sorry so be the voice of disagreement, but Mr. Carroll…you’re lying.

Muslims may not own the lease on honor killings which were common even back in ancient Rome, but the Islamic community has cornered the market with Sharia Law and these two poor girls fell victim to this heinous custom.

Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Keller wrote in 2009 on the Said murders siting alleged emails and communications which put Said in Cairo Egypt. America’s Most Wanted has run features on the murders regularly (Read here)


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  1. todd says:

    I totally get why he killed his daughters. I have often thought of doing the same thing myself to my daughter. Honor and respect is very important.. I ain’t no muslim, but I get why he did it. Hope the dude stays in Egypt where the US can’t get him.

  2. Rob says:

    When I first heard the audio of this helpless girl begging for help it almost made me cry.

    Two beautiful young girls lives were cut short because of this motherfucker THREE YEARS AGO and he still hasn’t been caught.
    Say he was caught however; he’d probably serve 2 years awaiting trial, once he actually got his trial he’d get another 1-3 years to live while all of that bullshit pans out, the jury probably wouldn’t even find him guilty knowing how America is infamous for letting murderers off the hook (OJ, Casey Anthony, two of many who were obviously fucking guilty but the American people were too fucking dumb to convict them), say they did find him guilty and say the trial took place in a state that allowed the death penalty, he’d probably do 10-30 years on death row awaiting execution.
    And we say justice shall come swift?

    Only in fucking America, if this would have happened in a different country I guarantee you the community would have come together and found this bastard, when they found him they’d probably just take him out back and make him dig his own grave then shoot him like the fucking dog he is.
    Only in America though.

  3. Name says:

    Regarding this Yaser Said wanted for killing his two daughters: Have read extensively about this man and his family. He likes rice, smoking and his son. He is also said to have property in Egypt that he likes to hang out at. His son has a tendancy to send hate emails to the lady that runs the Atlas Shrug website. His wife and son should be monitored because they would lead the FBI to him. Or maybe we don’t extradite from Egypt? Prolly why he took off there, then. Hope he is caught eventually. Anyhoo his son is a radical pot smoking muslim who tries to act gangster…probably psycho enough to be considered a future threat to society esp. since he was born in the good old U.S. and may very well be back later. I think this guy can be found but no one wants to go get him due to our ass kissing oil loving government.

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