Published On: Sat, Jan 15th, 2011

Frances Fox Piven Quotes (UPD: Glenn Beck is an overweight, neurotic idiot)


Frances Fox Piven is a Professor of Political Science and Sociology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. In 1983 she co-founded Human SERVE (Service Employees Registration and Voter Education), an organization whose stated goal was increasing voter registration under the linking of social services or Department of Motor Vehicles usage with voter registration offerings. She was married to her long-time collaborator Richard Cloward until his death in 2001. Together with Cloward, she wrote an article in the May 1966 issue of The Nation titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty”. Her critics have called this the “Cloward–Piven strategy.” (Wikipedia)

It’s a lunatic story, but it’s a story that nevertheless is clear. You can get your hands around it. This woman is somehow responsible for the upsetting changes in your small town where the factory closed down. I don’t blame them for being upset. It is upsetting. But I blame Glenn Beck for telling them a factually untrue, crazy story about why those changes occurred. – February 27, 2011 interview with NPR discussing Glenn Beck’s portrayal of Piven and her husband, which she claims has now led to death threats from Beck’s listeners

What is new, I think, is the poten­tial power of pro­pa­ganda in Amer­i­can life. And that’s in part because of the media, and the role of big money, and who owns the media. After all, it’s not Glenn Beck, it’s Rupert Mur­doch — let’s face it. Glenn Beck is an idiot: an over­weight, neu­rotic, char­ac­ter who hit on this way of build­ing an audi­ence and mak­ing a lot of money. But FOX News gave him his platform. – February 18, 2011 interview with Michael Busch of the CUNY Graduate Center “Advocate”

Thomas Sow­ell said we were for the respon­si­ble for the demand for affir­ma­tive action — “black peo­ple didn’t want that!” – February 18, 2011 interview with Michael Busch of the CUNY Graduate Center “Advocate”

“…the Six­ties move­ments have a kind of spe­cial edge to them because they did play a role in the elec­tion of Barack Obama, who is eas­ily vil­i­fied and demo­nized because he is African-American. – February 18, 2011 interview with Michael Busch of th