Published On: Sun, Oct 10th, 2010

Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner calls British Navy “pirates”


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner used Twitter, the micro-blogging website, to sharply criticise plans by the Ministry of Defence to carry out military tests in the region. In a series of frank postings on her official Twitter account, she announced that Argentina had complained to the United Nations about Britain’s “militarisation of the South Atlantic”.

“Serious, very serious,” Mrs Kirchner wrote. “Royal Navy, occupying colonial force in Falkland Islands, reports military exercise with missiles on the coast of East Falkland.

“Typical nineteenth century colonialism. Anachronistic use of force in violation of international law. They do not care. A clear example of double standards.”

Mrs Kirchner then promised to summon the British ambassador, Shan Morgan, and said: “Conclusion … pirates for ever?”

Her postings were erased, but not before they had been re-posted by hundreds of other Twitter users, many of them Argentines who enthusiastically endorsed the remarks.

The Twitter posts threaten to increase tension between the two countries at a time when British companies are beginning to explore for oil and gas in the region. Last week, in what is