Revolution at your Fingertips! by Larry Warrick


Revolution at your Fingertips!


The advent of the Gutenberg Press sounded the death knell of the church monopoly on information and clearly pointed out that the Vatican had no clothes. Could the advent of the internet do the same for governments?

According to the Swiss Appenzell Daily Bell:

“A state without a viable and controllable information methodology is eventually a failed state. There must be believable memes that are subscribed to by the majority of citizens. When, over time, a nation’s dominant social themes come under increased scrutiny, the result is eventually a splintering of the citizens’ consensus about how they ought to be led and by whom. A theme that is currently under attack in the Internet age is central banking — and such attacks may eventually lead to a gold or silver standard within the larger Western world. But that may only be the beginning.”

News travels fast these days. No longer word of mouth and subject to the whim of the teller, the printed word brought about a revolution in the way religious leaders were viewed due to the action of one man and his printing press. Enter the age of the internet with its