Animal Abuse Watch List coming to California


No one wants to see animals abused, in fact, penalties for those guilty are usually way too lenient. Of course in California, if a liberal doesn’t like your behavior, they will create a means for the government to monitor and control your actions.

From smoking to regulating happy meals, Californians are all in favor of Big Brother control of your lives.

Ok, so about a “predator” style list of animal abusers: good idea or bad?

From the Parade:

Should the public know if a convicted animal abuser lives or works next door? A bill before the California legislature would require adults convicted of felony animal abuse to register with local law enforcement; their names would be placed in a database similar to the national sex offenders’ registry. Tennessee, Louisiana, and New York are also considering animal-abuse registries.

“We’re trying to reduce risk,” says Stephan Otto of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, noting that animal abusers are five times more likely to co